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If you have any questions please feel free to call Sharon Fitzgerald. She is available to answer any question you may have about the products offered, shipping costs, order status, your available points, etc.
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All goods must be branded with the Transocean logo according to the Transocean Graphic Standards. Goods are not available without branding.

Welcome to the New 2010 Transocean Reward Point Online Store. Please feel free to browse the product you have available to you. Please have fun viewing all the new exciting products offered this year. We hope you find something of interest, you deserve it.

You must accept the following terms before you can begin.

1. Any employee that is terminated from the company (whether it is a resignation or termination) has 30 days to use their points or they are gone - no exception.
2. Policy for gifts and awards - 2010 and later years - The main changes to CRA policy are, first, that they do not limit the number of tax-free non-cash gifts and awards you may give your employee in a year. Second, there is now a single $500 exemption that you apply against the total value of all the non-cash gifts and awards you give an employee. So, if you give your employee a number of gifts and awards whose total value is less than $500, there is no taxable benefit. If you give gifts and awards with a total value of $650, there is a taxable benefit of $150 ($650-$500).
1 Point = 1 Dollar
3. All items purchased are to be picked up at Imprint and PHOTO ID must be presented upon pickup. NO EXCEPTIONS.
4. Imprint reserve the right to replace items when products are no longer available and adjust pricing when necessary.
5. Points are non transferable when you leave the Canadian operations.

We reserve the right to replace items when products are no longer available.

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